Complete terms of service & privacy policy

You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Palm Beach County, FL to register for TrekMail services. Your privacy is guaranteed with TrekMail. Under no circumstances will any information you provide to TrekMail for the purpose of securing a free email account be shared with any third party company for profit or any other use.


As part of this service, you'll receive notifications from Palm Beach Cuisine informing you of particular dining promotions in your area. There will be a limited number of notifications sent to you during any one week period of time.

You're responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of your email account. If you fail to maintain the security and control of your mailbox by allowing others access or being careless with your credentials, you will be responsible for any loss of data or information you may have stored in your account. IMPORTANT! If you forget your username you will permanently loose access to your account. You are respnsible for the content and all information you store within your account. We discourage storing personal information such as drivers license, banking credentials or any other information that could leave you vulnerable to criminal mischief. As part of TrekMails stipulations for utilizing this service you agree not to hold TrekMail or its subsidiaries liable for any loss of information you store within your email account.
Your account may be terminated at any time for abuse or other reasons we feel may warrant termination. Inactivity of any email account for periods of 90 days or more may result in the termination of an account without notice. If for any reason your account is deactivated, terminated or compromised we are under no obligation to retain, store or provide you with any data or information you may have uploaded and stored within your account. This includes any information you may have sent via email to other people.
While using our service you agree to refrain from or participating in, or encouraging any activity that may be deemed illegal or may be harmful to us. You are not to use our service to harass or infringe upon the rights and privacy of others, or send information from your email account that may be considered abusive, deceptive, or threatening. Impersonation of our company or subsidiaries in any form in email will be met with extreme prejudice.

Sending mail

We have a zero acceptance policy for people who may send spam from this email service. This service is for people that want a safe, more reliable email service without dealing with delayed mail or issues that may arise because of network abuse.
The maximum number of emails that can be sent on any day from your mailbox is 500 and 100 per hour. When this threshold is reached you will no longer be able to send mail out. If you have a need greater than this, please send an email to and we can provide efficient alternatives to assist you.
We will be doing all that is necessary to eliminate 99.9% of all unsolicited mail from ever reaching your inbox. In part, this has much to do with our policies. Our zero spam tolerance policy means that if you attempt to send unsolicited mail from your account, your mailbox will be deactivated immediately and you will be unable to open a new account. We don’t care if the unsolicited mail you send is compliant or not.
If you are responsible for one of our IP addresses being blacklisted because you sent unsolicited mail out, you will be charged $250 in addition to having your account closed.


Our mail server is monitored 24/7. In the event you have a security issue or are unable to receive or send mail our team can be reached via email between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday - Saturday EST. Response time may vary depending upon the severity and nature of the request. If you use this service you agree with all terms and stipulations as outlined above.


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