Terms Of Service

Thank you for choosing TrekMail.net. Please use the support tab at the bottom of the page to submit inquiries between 10 am and 8 pm Monday - Friday EST. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a reply. For issues involving security, sending or receiving mail, please send an email to SECURITY @ TREKMAIL.NET, with a brief description of the problem. Support is available 9 am to 6 pm Monday - Saturday EST. We respond to Security-related inquiries without delay.

To be eligible for TrekMail services, you must be 18 years of age or older, and be a resident of Palm Beach County, FL. Our privacy policies are stringent, and prevent the decimation of any personal information, to any outside entity.


As part of this service, you'll receive a limited number of email notifications from Palm Beach Cuisine informing you of particular dining promotions in your area.

You're responsible for maintaining the integrity, and security of your email account. If you fail to maintain the security, and control of your mailbox by allowing others access or being careless with your credentials, you will be responsible for any loss of information you may have stored in your account. IMPORTANT! If you forget your username, you will permanently lose access to your account. You are responsible for the content and all the information you store within your account. We discourage storing personal information, such as drivers license, banking credentials, or any other information, that could leave you vulnerable to criminal mischief. As part of TrekMail's stipulations for utilizing this service, you agree not to hold TrekMail and its subsidiaries liable for any loss of information you store within your email account.

Your account may be terminated, for abuse or other reasons that warrant termination. Inactivity of an email account, of ninety days or more, could result in termination. We are under no obligation to provide backups to account owners. Account owners are responsible for the loss of any information stored within an account that has been deactivated, compromised, or terminated. Please consider making backups of email addresses and other important information you upload to your account.

You are responsible for maintaining the integrity of our service by refraining from, participating in or encouraging activity that may be deemed unlawful or harmful to us. You are not to use our service to harass or infringe upon the rights and privacy of other people, or send information from a TrekMail account that could be considered abusive, deceptive, or threatening.

Sending mail

We Have a zero tolerance for using our service to send unsolicited mail. Any account owner caught sending unsolicited mail, and causes one of our IP addresses to be blacklisted will be charged $250 in addition to having their account closed. This service provides serious minded people with a safe, reliable email service, void of delays, and issues, that arise from network abuse. The maximum number of emails you can send per day is 600 and 100 per hour. We offer other email services for businesses. If interested, send questions to support@TrekMail.net, and one of our representatives will provide efficient alternatives to assist you.